Ambra needs our help


On 30 April, Ambra will undergo surgery to finally get her eye fixed. We appreciate every little contribution to help cover the medical expenses. Please read all the information in the link on the right.

Nebuliser: Corallo’s & Tornado’s treatment has started

As you already know, thanks to your donation we were able to order the nebuliser. Yesterday we were finally able to initiate the treatment of Corallo and Tornado. At the moment, the two youngsters live in two separate enclosures as the climate is still too dry. The rain has been absent for a long time and with it the humidity that would benefit their respiration immensely.

After consulting with our trusted vet, we’ve started medicating the two horses for asthma via the nebuliser. This cure will last for as long as the dry period prevails. Corallo and Tornado will continue to be fed with Prealpin, the food that substitutes the hay in their diet. On top of that, they receive a delicious afternoon snack in the form of special müesli for horses as well as Mucolyt, small pellets of ground herbs enriched with essential oils such as eucalyptus and mint.

As soon as the climate changes, we will be able to switch to a more preventive treatment using essential oils and saline solution. We can’t wait to see Corallo and Tornado run free again in the big enclosure together with the rest of the herd.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without your precious help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who support animal sanctuaries!

Goodbye dear friend

“In the instability of things, something remains”.

What remains in our hearts is your look, so intense, deep and proud. Your gaze in which you wrapped us up everyday in the last two months when we helped you get back on your feet. You couldn’t do it anymore by yourself and all we tried to do is take care of you as well as we possibly could.

Terra – marvellous and out of the ordinary – yesterday we saw you depart for your last journey. Right by your side, we said goodbye forever… 

Before Terra, your name was IT069990000440, the code on the tags on your ears. You were not considered a person, only a body that didn’t matter, raised as one of a billion and destined for a life of abuse, indifference, pain, torture, oblivion…death. 

In the instability of things, something remains, even miracles. You were freed in 2009, together with your friend Luna: you had lived all your life imprisoned in the dark in a stable. The light of the sun, the shining of the fields, the sound of the wind, the movements of your new friends around you, every beautiful thing terrified you, because you had never experienced it before. You were unprepared and you embarked on a two year long rehabilitation process.

We are writing these words nine years later. Many things have changed, many people have arrived, many have left. What always remained is you: the beating heart of a place that is not just a place, but a passionate dream.

Last year Luna crossed the rainbow bridge and yesterday it was your turn. Terra, you have appropriated your freedom, you have savoured it day after day and you have done something wonderful: you have shown tens of thousands of people who a cow, freed from suffering, really is.

We have been with you every day, with all our love and dedication. Under the summer sun, the heavy rain, tired and worn out. We did it with joy, because we love you with all our heart and we will love you forever.

We’d like to believe that you are now reunited with Luna.

Goodbye dear friend.

Nebuliser for Corallo and Tornado

We have launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for a nebuliser for our two youngsters Tornado and Corallo, both suffering from recurrent airway obstruction. Click on the right to find all the information (Google translation) and to contribute to this fundamental investment. Thank you so much for your help. Corallo e Tornado will be grateful for every donation.

Goodbye Pompadour


We know that we have a difficult year ahead of us as many of the animals are starting to get old and some of them will leave us just like Sogno, Luna, Brio, Poppy, Trombino, Bobo and others did last year.

We’ve had many goodbyes over the past few months, some foreseeable, some not, all of them sad… – yet we always find the strength to face the things that break our heart.

Today we have to give you the sad news of Pompadour’s passing away this past Saturday. In the end we had to accept that his time had come. Pompadour was about 15 years old and was rescued along with his friend Trombino for the horrors of animal testing at Green Hill.

During the past few weeks we did whatever was necessary to try and make his life a little easier: we went back and forth between here and the veterinary clinic of Università di Pisa – to which we would like to express our immense gratitude – at least once a week, because Pompadour continued to have the crises we mentioned in the previous post about him. Until three days ago, when we had him hospitalised for the umpteenth time, because he had a stomach full of air and another very serious crise. The vet explained to us that at this point to make him heal the only solution was a very risky surgery that obviously he would not survive. So we had to say goodbye to him…

Needless to say how shattering it was. In the last few months, Pompadour slept at home with us and during the day did as he pleased: sleeping at the house, walks in the sun at the shelter,  strolls around the neighbourhood. He was surrounded by a love so intense that it was obvious he felt it. It is the reason why, despite the endless health problems, he kept on going and didn’t want to leave us just yet.

Every time we went to see him in the clinic, his eyes exploded with vitality and joy as soon as he saw us. Three times a day, at least we spent a little time with him, squeezing in a few precious minutes between shifts at the shelter, office work and other duties. Every time he regained the strength to go on thanks to the love surrounding him.

Writing this we’re shedding tears of pain and of joy: we wish all other individuals were as fortunate as him. His presence will be missed immensely…

Now he is free from the pain of a body that could no longer contain his vitality. We buried him in the shade of a tree near his friend of the heart Trombino.

We are not only grateful to the veterinarians but also to  Enrico di Ravenna, who has been supporting not only Pompadour over the past few years but also Trombino. His support will now continue with Tombola.

Lastly, thank you to all of you who are reading this and living this goodbye with us…


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