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The sanctuary for so-called farmed animals, in the park of San Rossore near Pisa, Italy, is run through the association Ippoasi ONLUS, and is managed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers from all across Italy and the world. The animals at the sanctuary were all saved from various difficult circumstances and were destined to end up dead. They have endured tremendous suffering. Ippoasi provides them with a safe haven where they can live freely in the almost 4 ha enclosure.

Our goal is for them to live as naturally and happily as possible. At Ippoasi they are not used or abused in any way. Instead they are left in peace and all individuals receive the respect they deserve.

On weekends we welcome visitors, and take them on tours throughout the sanctuary, so they can get to know the animals and their stories. We also offer special programs for kindergartens and schools. In addition we have been very committed socially, collaborating with different authorities and organisations.

Throughout the year we participate in various anti-speciesist and ethical festivals around Italy, and we organise several fundraising events at which we host talks and presentations.

Since 2016 we’ve been working closely with our partner sanctuary, Rifugio della Bubi. In the hills of Tuscany, Franca and Claus host many different animals and a couple of years ago offered to share their space with some of the animals that were saved by Ippoasi. Rifugio della Bubi is also home to over thirty cats!

Each year we welcome numerous volunteers who offer both short term and long term help.

Ippoasi is financed solely through donations — we do not receive any support from institutions or any public subsidies. Any donation, no matter how small or big, is greatly appreciated and fundamental to the activities of the sanctuary. Our goal is to find one or more sponsor for each animal who helps cover the daily expenses — help us reach our goal!

For specific projects we launch online campaigns on our website and through our social media channels. An easy way to support us is through Teaming: a platform that allows you to donate 1€ a month.

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