Social Commitment

It’s not only the animals who benefit from the serenity and peace of the sanctuary, but humans as well. Over the years, Ippoasi has strengthened its social commitment. We welcome people with sometimes difficult pasts, and give them the opportunity to experience a completely different environment. We believe that the values we live at Ippoasi can give anyone a different perspective on life, and that through their time at the sanctuary, they can integrate those values into their own lives.

So far, Ippoasi has collaborated with the following authorities:

  • Sert of Pisa, to reintegrate an individual into the social-working environment
  • Società della Salute di Pisa (Pisa Health Society), for socio-therapeutic programs
  • Court of Pisa, to accommodate people assigned to community service following a small run-in with the law
  • Uepe section of Pisa, to accommodate people who have violated the Traffic code
  • Cooperativa Gioco Città di Livorno, to welcome citizens seeking international protection
  • Technical institutes and high schools of the district, for ASL (work school alternation)

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