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Banca Popolare Etica
Fattoria della Pace Ippoasi ONLUS
Via Scoglio della Meloria 55
56128 Marina di Pisa
IBAN: IT67S0501802800000011318854
C.F. 93069920507

14 October 2018: Let us disequestrianise

Join us for our last fall fundraiser before Vegan Days di Pontedera! The event will be hosted by Egon Botteghi who will present "Let us disequestrianise": an opportunity for reflections and testimonies of horse exploitation in the equestrian sport, a deep...

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16 September 2018: “Who’s afraid of the wolf?”

Who's afraid of the wolf? With the return of the wolf to many areas of Italy returns our irrational fear and intolerance towards these incredible animals. Ippoasi is hosting Paolo Rossi, wolf expert and photo-activist,  who will be debunking debunking...

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Goodbye dear friend

"In the instability of things, something remains". What remains in our hearts is your look, so intense, deep and proud. Your gaze in which you wrapped us up everyday in the last two months when we helped you get back on your feet. You couldn’t...

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