Rifugio della Bubi

Our partner sanctuary, the Rifugio della Bubi, was brought to life by Franca and Claus, two very special and deeply sensitive people who dreamed of helping non-human animals who were victims of neglect and suffering. Bubi is the name of the sweet dog who literally overturned their lives, accelerating the realization of the project that today gives home to the cows Magda and Margherita, Paco the pony, and many others.

At the beginning of 2014, Franca and Claus offered to make their beautiful piece of land, nestled in the hills of La Sassa (Tuscany), about one hour from Pisa, available to Ippoasi. Their offer was a major contribution to our mutual mission. During the first few weeks of 2015 fencing and other maintenance works were initiated, and so our adventure together officially began.

Thanks to our collaboration we have managed to save many individuals – all unique, special, and irreplaceable – from conditions of suffering, and give them a second chance.