Goodbye dear friend

“In the instability of things, something remains”.

What remains in our hearts is your look, so intense, deep and proud. Your gaze in which you wrapped us up everyday in the last two months when we helped you get back on your feet. You couldn’t do it anymore by yourself and all we tried to do is take care of you as well as we possibly could.

Terra – marvellous and out of the ordinary – yesterday we saw you depart for your last journey. Right by your side, we said goodbye forever… 

Before Terra, your name was IT069990000440, the code on the tags on your ears. You were not considered a person, only a body that didn’t matter, raised as one of a billion and destined for a life of abuse, indifference, pain, torture, oblivion…death. 

In the instability of things, something remains, even miracles. You were freed in 2009, together with your friend Luna: you had lived all your life imprisoned in the dark in a stable. The light of the sun, the shining of the fields, the sound of the wind, the movements of your new friends around you, every beautiful thing terrified you, because you had never experienced it before. You were unprepared and you embarked on a two year long rehabilitation process.

We are writing these words nine years later. Many things have changed, many people have arrived, many have left. What always remained is you: the beating heart of a place that is not just a place, but a passionate dream.

Last year Luna crossed the rainbow bridge and yesterday it was your turn. Terra, you have appropriated your freedom, you have savoured it day after day and you have done something wonderful: you have shown tens of thousands of people who a cow, freed from suffering, really is.

We have been with you every day, with all our love and dedication. Under the summer sun, the heavy rain, tired and worn out. We did it with joy, because we love you with all our heart and we will love you forever.

We’d like to believe that you are now reunited with Luna.

Goodbye dear friend.