Prugna’s story

Prugna was brought to the Didactic Veterinarian Hospital in San Piero a Grado (PI) at the age of two months. It was the 4th of April of 2016, when a citizen found her as she was wandering alone. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured, and her health was perfect: the department’s students looked after her, they nursed her until the end of April, and she was weaned. Prugna lived for a few months with a technician of the veterinary department of Pisa, who cuddled her and raised her with love. Once adult, she asked for a more suitable environment for her species, and so she was welcomed to Ippoasi, with an administrative order of Tuscany Region. Prugna has got a temper, she loves human company, but she prefers more than everything her boar friends’ one!

Prugna is sponsored by Sara & Federico from Viareggio and by Anita from Arsiè.