Gorgo’s story

Gorgo was born in the breeding farm of Gorgona, Italy’s last prison island. Here, there is one section called the Agricola, where the detainees work in the breeding farm –  raising “dairy” cows, goats, sheep and pigs – in the cheese factory, the slaughterhouse and the vegetable garden. Thanks to an agreement with the veterinary in charge, one of the Ippoasi’s founder managed to exchange a professional service on the island with the liberation of a little pig. Gorgo was saved from the butcher’s hands when he was only two months old, and he was carried on shore by ferry. At the sanctuary, he has been the only pig for several months, growing up as a free living being together with humans and the other animals, and now he trusts humans to such an extent that whenever he likes he lies down, belly-up, and asks for a scratch! He’s Peppa’s best friend, they are inseparable mates, and he has also proved to be a wise packmaster. Whoever still doesn’t know how sweet, clean, and smart a pig is, they should come to meet Gorgo.

Gorgo is sponsored by Maria Concetta from Murano (VE) and Saverio from Grugno.