Alfred’s story

Alfred was born in October 2011 and was saved in a very uncommon way. When he was approximately three months old, he was raffled as he were an object. Fortunately, the people who “won” him contacted a local association in order to save him. Before arriving at Ippoasi in 2012 when he was one year old, he was hosted in a safe farmstead. He needs specific care and attention: because of a malformation of the back, he cannot sustain himself properly on the hind limbs, so that he has serious problems to walk, especially during the winter season. Alfred loves the care he receives from the volunteers and he shows an incredible tenacity and a zest for life!

Alfred is sponsored by Davide from Rosignano Marittimo (LI), Sara di Sospirolo (BL), Anna & Gian from Milan and Anita from Arsiè.