Lola’s story

Lola is a Shetland horse born in 1998. Shetland horses are the smallest natural race (so-called miniature horses or Falabella are the smallest horses in the world but a breed formed by genetic selection). During the industrial revolution in the UK these horses were used in the coal mines. Because of their size they were able to transport coal through the small tunnels. Today they are used as an introduction horse for children who learn to ride horses. Lola worked in a riding school where parents would pay to see their children mount and ride Lola with whippings. Lola however was suffering from a disease called laminitis: This metabolic disease affects the feet and makes it painful to walk and in the worst cases even to stand on their feet. The traditional veterinary treatment of this disease is to put down the animal as animals affected by this disease are not useful. Lola was eventually donated to Ippoasi. By removing her horseshoes and giving her a life more true to her nature, Lola recovered and can use her feet again. She does not fully trust humans yet and she doesn’t like children very much but over the last years she has been gaining more and more trust thanks to the love and respect that surrounds her.

Lola is sponsored by Diana from the United States.