Cagliostro’s story

Cagliostro is a donkey of Monte Amiata, born in 2002 in Grosseto. He was purchased together with two female donkeys and brought to a spacious and tranquile olive grove.

He lived a happy life there for some years together with the other two donkeys until it became too difficult for the owner to manage the donkeys (a continuous flow of newborns, donkeys escaping from the grove to search for other females, destruction of the structures and trees).

He moved to Ippoasi where he was reunited with his first son Abramo. During the guided tours at the sanctuary he is one of the first to come and greet everyone asking for cuddles. The secret to winning his heart? Scratch him inside his ears!

Cagliostro is sponsored by Evelina from Poggibonsi (SI), Melanie from Switzerland and Giulia from Sarzana.