Rosalia & Giuseppe’s

Rosalia arrived together with Magda at “Rifugio della Bubi” in June 2016, coming from the failed factory farm in Suzzara, where Lilith was saved from as well. They were among the few last survivors and they would have died of starvation without the help of the volunteers who continued to feed them every day. We can only imagine how many little calves have been taken away from them. Rosalia and Magda were impregnated by the farmer, in spite of the prohibition after the farm was seized. So months later they gave birth to Giuseppe and Margherita. Because of some walking problems, Rosalia moved to Ippoasi, where she joined her old friend Lilith and the tight-knit group of the other cows. Here, she can peacefully raise her last child.

Rosalia is sponsored by Maria Concetta from Murano (VE) and Giuseppe is sponsored by Sergio from Bologna. They are still looking for sponsors however. If you want to sponsor Rosalia or Giuseppe too, click here.