Who’s afraid of the wolf?

With the return of the wolf to many areas of Italy returns our irrational fear and intolerance towards these incredible animals. Ippoasi is hosting Paolo Rossi, wolf expert and photo-activist,  who will be debunking debunking beliefs and false myths, telling us about his many years of  experience in the field.

This event is important not only as an opportunity to get together but to raise funds that the volunteers need to keep the project moving forward.

Schedule of the event:

  • 10 am: guided tour of the sanctuary
  • 12.30 pm: vegan buffet
  • 14.30 pm: “Chi ha paura del lupo?” (“Who’s afraid of the wolf?”) – presentation by Paolo Rossi, wolf expert, nature photographer, photo-activist against poaching
  • 14.30 pm: Kids entertainment
  • 15.30 pm: guided tour of the sanctuary

The Biobar will be in full swing: there will be wine, craft beer, lemonade and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Price list for the buffet (excluding Seitan roasts and drinks; free water)

  • adults: € 15
  • children 7 to 12 years: € 10
  • children 0 to 6 years: free
  • adults aged 85 and above: free

In order to support the sanctuary and to contribute to the realisation of the event, we would like to ask you for an appropriate donation in addition to the lunch contribution. All proceeds will go towards the rescued animals living at Ippoasi.


Space is limited and booking is required. Please use the contact form below. When signing up, please give us the following information:

  • number of adults and children plus age
  • name and telephone number
  • dietary allergies
  • preferred time for the guided tour (10 am or 3.30 pm)

2 + 6 =

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