Peppa’s story

Peppa is the typical hybrid from a breeding farm, and she arrived at Ippoasi from an unknown place. Because of her amputated tail, she probably comes from a factory farm. She arrived at the shelter when she was approximately two months old. After a period of isolation, she met Gorgo, who was scared at first: he hadn’t been seeing any counterpart for a long time! They have become inseparable. Pigs are social animals and they live in groups. Gorgo taught to his friend everything he learned outside the concrete of the breeding farm, on the sanctuary’s ground: how to dig a hole with the nose and find worms and roots. Peppa is a person, not a sausage: she’s got a temper and if she really wants something she yells and shouts, and when she’s in heat she looks for love from whoever moves!

Peppa is sponsored by Angela from Florence and Ariella from Rome.